Hi, I’m Jude. This is my sexy webcomic. I wanted to draw a smutty comic with heart, so I made a list of all the things I like and that’s how this happened. The list looked like:

  • humor
  • sexy characters
  • magic(k)
  • positive D/s relationships
  • bisexual relationships
  • pencil skirts
  • tattoos
  • shapeshifters

So… yep. That’s about it. Familiar is a slice-of-life comic about BDSM, magick, witches, and relationships. It is primarily an erotic romance with kink elements. It is not suitable for minors. Go away, minors! 

How Familiar is structured

I’ve written Familiar to have a four-act story with 17 pre-scripted chapters/episodes. I’ve also written these four acts to be expandable with fun, sexy filler episodes.

STORY chapter

Numbered by numeral + Title (e.g. 00 – FAMILIAR)
Averaging 26 pages/chapter

These chapters are linear and follow the actual story/plot of Familiar. They are broken into four acts and are pre-scripted. I will advance the story and acts as seems appropriate based on the number of smut chapters. There are 17 story chapters from beginning to end.

FILLER chapter

Numbered by Act + “X” + Title (e.g. 3X – DOLL)
Averaging 18 pages/chapter

These chapters are alinear and can be read in any order, though they are chronologically placed within one of the four main acts of the plot. They center around a sexy scenario and can be thought of as smutty “filler” episodes. There is room for nearly unlimited filler chapters, depending on the popularity of the comic. These chapters will be customizable by Patron polls and feedback (Influencer tier), with at least ONE poll per chapter (but probably more!).

About Jude (a.k.a. soushiyo)

Chinese American, raised pagan. Queer, kinky, tattooed. Yeah, I am basically my own trendy OC. This is my first attempt at sequential art storytelling. So, have fun watching me blunder through the world of creating graphic novels.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please do so on Twitter.