General content warnings:

This is a sexy times comic. All chapters have some graphic, sexual content. This is also a kinky comic; all chapters have some level of D/s or power dynamic elements. I will do my best to flag content but please read responsibly.

Content warnings may include spoilers!

Act#TitleSummaryContent warningsPublication DatePatron Details
I00FamiliarExecutive Editor Diana Vallejo presents a spellbook, FAMILIAR, at a book launch party in New York City.

Content Warnings

Bondage, semi-public sex, masturbation

Credits: Early adopters
I01Diana11 MONTHS PRIOR: Diana accidentally summons a familiar while editing a spellbook on the topic.

Content Warnings

Sex toys, masturbation

Credits: Early adopters
I02JackDiana and Jack get to know each other better and realize they both have their work cut out for them.No content warnings. 9/10/19
Credits: Early adopters
I03InterviewWhile running an errand, Diana shares some of her background in witchcraft with Jack.

Content Warnings

Over-clothes bondage, masturbation

Credits: Early adopters
I04FrameDiana takes a big step toward accepting Jack as her familiar. 10/24/19
Thumbs to Infs: Sep 29, 2019
Credits: Early adopters
I05ContractDiana and Jack go to a wooded retreat to sign their contract.

Content Warnings

Hair grabbing, neck grabbing, outdoor sex, semi-public sex, mild orgasm control, bondage tasks

Thumbs to Infs: Nov 30, 2019
Credits: Early adopters
I06SirDiana presents at a literary conference and gets ready for the book launch of “FAMILIAR.”

Content Warnings

Dirty talk in public, bondage sex, ball gags, praise, mild orgasm control

Poll 1 (Sep 2019): Closed
Poll 2 (Oct 2019): Closed
Credits: Patrons from Sep/Oct 2019
IXGiftDiana and Jack exchange gifts.

Content Warnings

Magic remote sex toys, penetration, stimulation in public, lube, cum

Poll 1 (Nov 2019): Closed
Poll 2 (Dec 2019): Closed
Thumbs to Infs: March 31
Credits: Patrons from Nov/Dec/Jan 2019
I07CenterDiana & Jack live with the aftermath of Gibbs’ demonstration at the book launch.

Content Warnings

Remote vibrator

Poll 1 (Feb 2020): Closed
Credits: Patrons from Jan/Feb 2020
Thumbs to Infs: May 31, 2020
IXDesk JobJack teases Diana while they pick out a desk for her new home office.

Content Warnings

Bondage, imaginary public bondage/nudity, furniture bondage, switch impact

Poll 1 (April 2020): Closed
Credits: Patrons from March 2020
I08FirebirdJack recognizes someone from his past.

Content Warnings

General angst, hospitalization mention, eating disorder mention

Poll 1 (Jan 2020) - Closed
Poll 2 - (March 2020) - Closed
Credits: Patrons from Jan/Feb/April 2020
Thumbs to infs: Aug 31, 2020
XHalloween Special

Content Warnings

shibari under clothes in public

Poll 1 (Sep 2020) - Closed
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IIXElixirDiana comforts Jack with a traditional herbal concoction.

Content Warnings

self bondage, ball gag, lock & key bondage, endurance bondage

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Poll 2 (June 2020) - Closed
Credits: Patrons from May/June 2020
Thumbs to infs: Oct 31, 2020
XNew Year's Special 12/24/20
"Poll" (October 2020)
Credits: Patrons from Oct 2020
II09WickDiana asks for Sybil's help when she gets a request from the bartender at The Spot.No content warnings. 3/25/21
Poll 1 (July 2020) - Closed
Poll 2 (Aug 2020) - Closed
Credits: Patrons from July/Aug 2020
II10FourDiana and Jack make new (and old) friends. 5/24/21
Poll 1 (Nov 2020) - Closed
Poll 2 (Dec 2020) - Closed
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IIXPleaseDiana and Jack practice the magic word. 7/22/21
Poll 1 (Jan 2021) - Closed
Poll 2 (Feb 2021) - Closed
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II11SwitchTBAPoll 1 (March 2021) - Closed
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